Data Commons Updates

We’ve been hard at work since we surfaced Data Commons in Google Search last October. Some of the exciting features we’ve added include:

Internationalization Support

Place Explorer is now available in 8 languages in addition to English: German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian. Additionally, support for these languages are carried forward from Google Search, here’s an example.

New Graph Browser

The Graph Browser was rewritten from the ground up to be faster and more responsive. It includes search support for the growing number of Statistical Variables available for each node, as well as redesigned to improve information density. Try it out for some nodes such as India, Unemployment Rate in Boston and Renal Cell Carcinoma.

New Scatter Plot Explorer

The new Scatter Plot Explorer enables quick visual exploration of any two statistical variables for a set of places. Try it out for Bachelor Degree Attainment vs Females per capita in California Counties or Covid-19 cases vs African Americans per capita among US States.

API Documentation Refresh

We participated in the 2020 Season of Docs, working with Anne Ulrich (@KilimAnnejaro) to completely refresh and improve our API documentation. Every API page was rewritten, in addition to new Google Sheets API tutorials. We had a wonderful time collaborating with Anne on this project and hope the improved documentation enables more developers to harness the power of our APIs.

New Stats API

We have also released a new set of APIs centered around statistics retrieval. There are different REST endpoints to retrieve a single statistical value, a statistical time series or the entire collection of statistical data for a set of places. We have used these APIs to build the new Scatter Plot Explorer and hope this enables other applications too.

New Data

As always, we continue to add more data to the Data Commons Graph. Some recent additions include:

As always, we are eager to hear from you! Please share your feedback with our team.

Carolyn on behalf of the Data Commons team