Show Triples Associated with Node(s)

datacommons.get_triples(dcids, limit=datacommons.utils._MAX_LIMIT)

Given a list of nodes, return triples which are associated with the specified node(s).

A knowledge graph can be described as a collection of triples which are 3-tuples that take the form (s, p, o). Here, s and o are nodes in the graph called the subject and object respectively, while p is the property label of a directed edge from s to o (sometimes also called the predicate).


  • dcids (list of str) - DCIDs to get triples for

  • limit (int, optional) - The maximum number of triples per combination of property and type associated with nodes linked by that property to fetch, ≤ 500.


A dict mapping DCIDs to a list of triples (s, p, o) where s, p, and o are instances of str and either the subject or object is the specified DCID.

Each DCID is mapped to a list of triples, where a triple is an object with the following fields. Note that not all fields are always included in each triple.


  • ValueError - If the payload returned by the Data Commons REST API is malformed or the API key is not set.

Be sure to initialize the library, and specify the API key. Check the Python library setup guide for more details.


We would like to get one triple per property and type combination associated with California:

>>> import datacommons as dc
>>> dc.set_api_key(YOUR_API_KEY_HERE)
>>> dc.get_triples(['geoId/06'], limit=1)
  'geoId/06': [
    ('geoId/0653', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/06', 'provenance', 'dc/sm3m2w3'),
    ('dc/p/zyjy2jq2xme02', 'location', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/06', 'containedInPlace', 'country/USA'),
    ('geoId/0686440', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/sch0699014', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/0686944', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/sch0699997', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('election/2024_S_CA00', 'location', 'geoId/06'),
    ('ipedsId/487597', 'location', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/sch0643380', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/06113011002', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/C49700', 'overlapsWith', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/0611593830', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/06U', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/06115', 'containedInPlace', 'geoId/06'),
    ('965EYosemiteAvenueSuite2MantecaCA95336', 'addressRegion', 'geoId/06'),
    ('geoId/06', 'typeOf', 'State')

If there is no node associated with the given DCID, an empty list is returned:

>>> dc.get_triples(['foo'])
{'foo': []}