Get a node’s name

Given a cell or a column range of cells with DCIDs (unique identifiers for all entities in the Data Commons knowledge graph), return the names associated with the given DCIDs.

General information about this formula

Formula: =DCGETNAME(dcids)

Required arguments:

  • dcids - A list of nodes to query, identified by their DCIDs.


Before trying this method out, make sure to follow the setup directions in the main section for Sheets docs.

Example 1: Retrieve the name of a country by its DCID.

Example 2: Retrieve the names of a collection of cell lines.


It’s best to minimize the number of function calls to DCGETNAME by using a single call to get names for a column of nodes. This is because a spreadsheet will make one call to a Google server per custom function call. If your sheet contains thousands of separate calls to DCGETNAME, expect it to be slow and with errors.

Error returns

If a DCID does not exist, this method returns nothing:

If an empty cell is provided as a DCID, this method returns an error value: