Get Statistical Time Series for a Place

Returns a time series of statistical values for a place based on a StatisticalVariable. See the full list of StatisticalVariables.

When there are multiple sources for the same statistical variable, a prefered source with more recent or more authorative data is selected.

URL: /stat/series

Method: GET

Required Arguments:

You can find a list of StatisticalVariables with human-readable names here.

Optional Arguments:

  • measurement_method: The dcid of the preferred measurementMethod value.
  • observation_period: The preferred observationPeriod value.
  • unit: The dcid of the preferred unit value.
  • scaling_factor: The preferred scalingFactor value.

GET Request


curl ''

Success Response

Code: 200 OK

Response content example

  "series": {
    "2013": 18726468,
    "2014": 18911519,
    "2015": 19087135,
    "2016": 19200970,
    "2017": 19366579,
    "2018": 19453769,
    "2011": 18387718,
    "2012": 18561020

Error Response

Code: 400 Bad Request

Request example: (place not specified)

curl ''

Response content example

  "code": 3,
  "message": "Missing required argument: place"

Code: 404 Not Found

Request example: (No data for the query)

curl ''

Response content example

  "code": 5,
  "message": "No data for badPlaceDcid, Count_Person_Male"