Data Commons can help develop exciting new course content for several pedagogical use cases. From foundational data science and machine learning courses to more specialized curricula focusing on specific use cases and skills development, e.g., data analytics and analytical tools for public policy, public health etc. All courses and training materials need data, preferably real world data. We take a hands-on approach and work through several examples and case studies to illustrate useful concepts with real data. Instructors and students are welcome to modify any/all components to suit their needs. We encourage you to try different/related datasets which are also available through the Data Commons data graph!

All material is provided publicly and free of charge, under a Creative Commons license (CC BY). If you end up finding any of this material useful and would like to be notified of updates, do drop us a line.

FERPA Compliance

Data Commons collects no personal information (PII), records, or private information from users and can be used in compliance with FERPA. For specific questions about FERPA compliance, please contact your organization’s legal counsel for advice.


Data Literacy

A general audience course focused on the basics of data comprehension, interpretation, and data-based decision making. No programming experience required!

Intro to Data Science

An introduction to key data science concepts, targeted at an undergraduate audience. Assumes basic python programming skills.