Retrieve multivariate DataFrame

Returns a pandas.DataFrame with places as index and stat_vars as columns, where each cell is latest observed statistic for its Place and StatisticalVariable.

See the full list of StatisticalVariable classes.

General information about this method


datacommons_pandas.build_multivariate_dataframe(places, stat_vars)

Required arguments:

NOTE: In Data Commons, dcid stands for Data Commons ID and indicates the unique identifier assigned to every node in the knowledge graph.

Assembling the information you will need for a call to the build_multivariate_dataframe method

Going into more detail on how to assemble the values for the required arguments:

  • places: Data Commons uniquely identifies nodes by assigning them DCIDs, or Data Commons IDs. Your query will need to specify the DCIDs for the nodes of interest.

  • stat_vars: This argument specifies the types of places sought in the response. For example, when examining places contained within American States, you would be able to select City or County (among others). For a full list of available types, see subClassOf Place.

Example: Compare the historic populations, median ages, and unemployment rates of the US, California, and Santa Clara County.

>>> datacommons_pandas.build_multivariate_dataframe(["country/USA", "geoId/06", "geoId/06085"],["Count_Person", "Median_Age_Person", "UnemploymentRate_Person"])
             Median_Age_Person  Count_Person  UnemploymentRate_Person
country/USA               37.9     328239523                      NaN
geoId/06                  36.3      39512223                     11.6
geoId/06085               37.0       1927852                      7.5

Error Returns

If a nonexistent place is passed as an argument, it will not render in the dataframe. In the following example, “geoId/123123123123123123” is one such nonexistent place.

>>> datacommons_pandas.build_multivariate_dataframe(["country/USA", "geoId/06", "geoId/123123123123123123"],["Count_Person", "Median_Age_Person", "UnemploymentRate_Person"])
             Count_Person  Median_Age_Person  UnemploymentRate_Person
country/USA     328239523               37.9                      NaN
geoId/06         39512223               36.3                     11.4

If you do not pass a required positional argument, a TypeError is returned:

>>> datacommons_pandas.build_multivariate_dataframe(["country/USA", "geoId/06", "geoId/123123123123123123"])
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
TypeError: build_multivariate_dataframe() missing 1 required positional argument: 'stat_vars'