Data Commons is an open source platform. Every entity/organization can create their custom Data Commons instance with their own data, customized website and visualization tools.

A custom instance natively joins the base Data Commons data (from datacommons.org) and the custom data in a unified fashion. Visualization and data analysis across these data can be done seamlessly without further alignment.

Custom Data Commons is deployed in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The owner has full control over data, computing resources and access control. It can be accessible by the general public or can be access controlled to limited principals.

System Setup and Custom Data Import

Check this documentation including the system diagram, data storage options, deployment instructions, private data preparation and UI customization.

Case Study

Feeding America Data Commons

Feeding America Data Commons provides access to data from Map the Meal Gap, overlaid with data from a wide range of additional sources into a single portal under a common scheme. Combining datasets from the CDC and Map the Meal gap, the correlation between heart health and food insecurity can be retrieved with a few clicks.


India Data Commons

India Data Commons is an effort by Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Madras to highlight India-specific data in Data Commons knowledge graph. India Data Commons features datasets published by Indian Ministries and governmental organizations and provides it through DC knowledge Graph.