Show Property Values for Node(s)

datacommons.get_property_values(dcids, prop, out=True, value_type=None, limit=datacommons.utils._MAX_LIMIT)

Given a list of nodes and a property label, returns values associated with the given property for each node.


  • dcids (list of str) - DCID’s to get property values for

  • prop (str) - The property to get property values for.

  • out (bool, optional) - Whether or not the property points away from the given list of nodes.

  • value_type (str, optional) - A type to filter returned property values by, only applicable if the value refers to a node.

  • limit (int, optional) - The maximum number of property values returned per node, must be ≤ 500.


A dict mapping DCID’s to lists of property values. If out is True, then property values correspond to edges directed away from given nodes. Otherwise, they correspond to edges directed towards the given nodes.


  • ValueError - If the payload returned by the Data Commons REST API is malformed.



We would like to get the name of a list of states specified by their DCID: geoId/06, geoId/21, and geoId/24.

>>> import datacommons as dc
>>> dc.set_api_key(YOUR_API_KEY_HERE)
>>> dc.get_property_values(["geoId/06", "geoId/21", "geoId/24"], "name")
  "geoId/06": ["California"],
  "geoId/21": ["Kentucky"],
  "geoId/24": ["Maryland"],

If there is no value associated with the property, an empty list is returned:

>>> dc.get_property_values(["geoId/06", "geoId/21"], "foo")
{'geoId/06': [], 'geoId/21': []}