Custom Data Commons is deployed in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The follow manual presents how to install a custom Data Commons instance in an existing GCP project (with id PROJECT_ID).


The installation can use an existing domain, or create a default domain <PROJECT_ID>-datacommons.com. This guide focuses on using the default domain.


  1. From Google Cloud Console, open Cloud Shell by clicking on the icon, like below:


  2. Set the environment variables PROJECT_ID and CONTACT_EMAIL in the terminal:

    export PROJECT_ID=<project_id>
    export CONTACT_EMAIL=<email_address>


    Note: If this step fails, please contact support+custom@datacommons.org with the errors.

  3. Please run the following installation command inside the terminal. This may take up to 20 minutes to complete.

    curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/datacommonsorg/website/custom-dc-v0.1.0/scripts/install_custom_dc.sh -o install_custom_dc.sh && \
    chmod u+x install_custom_dc.sh && \
  4. Please send an email to support+custom@datacommons.org with the following subject and message. Please replace with the GCP project id from above steps.

     Subject: [Custom Data Commons Setup] <project_id> requires data access.
     We are setting up a new custom Data Commons and would like to access
     the base layer of BT and BQ cache.
  5. You should get an email by Google domains that has the section pictured below. Please click on “Verify email now”.


    Note: You may not get the verification email if you have verified Cloud Domains or Google Domains in the past. If you do not get the verification within 10 minutes, check GCP UI to see if the Cloud Domain is active. If it is active, then please skip this step. Below is what active Cloud Domains looks like.