Custom Data Commons allows customization of the web pages on top of datacommons.org. The customization includes overall color scheme, home page content, landing pages of timeline/scatter/map tools and etc.

Environment Setup

Fork datacommonsorg/website Github repo following these instructions into a new repo, which will be used as the custom Data Commons codebase. Custom Data Commons development and deployment will be based on this forked repo.

To test codes in a local environment, follow this guide. Note to use -e custom flag when starting local Flask server:

./run_server.sh -e custom

Update UI Code

Page header and footer can be customized in base.html by updating the html element within <header></header> and <footer></footer>. Homepage can be customized in homepage.html.

Update CSS and Javascript

The custom Data Commons provides an overrides.css to override CSS styles. More style changes can be added to that file.

To add more site customization, can put CSS and Javascript files under folder /static/custom_dc/custom. Then include these files in the <head> section of the corresponding html files as

<link href="/custom_dc/custom/<custom_additional>.css" rel="stylesheet" />


<script src="/custom_dc/custom/<custom_additional>.js"></script>

Deploy to GCP

One Time Setup

  • Install the following tools:

  • Install gke-gcloud-auth-plugin

    • gcloud components install gke-gcloud-auth-plugin

Deploy Local Change

After testing locally, follow the instructions below to deploy to GCP. project_id refers to the GCP project where custom Data Commons is installed.

  • Git commit all local changes (no need to push to Github repo). Later steps will build docker image based on the hash of this commit.

  • Run the following code to build and push docker images to the Container Registry.

    ./scripts/push_image.sh <project_id>

    Follow the link from the log to check the status until the push is complete.

  • Deploy the website to GKE:

    ./scripts/deploy_gke.sh -p <project_id>

    Check the deployment from GKE console. Once it’s done, check the UI changes from the website.