Glossary of Common Terms

This page contains a selection of key terms important to understanding the structure of data within Data Commons.

Term List

Statistical variable

    Any type of metric, statistic, or measure that can be measured at a place and time. Examples include median income,
    median income of females, number of high school graduates, unemployment rate, or prevalence of diabetes. For more
    information, see “Intro to StatisticalVariable and StatVarObservation.

Statistical population

    A set of instances of a certain given type that satisfy some set of constraints. Inherited from definition.


    When instantiated, can be used to specify observations about an entity at a particular time. Inherited from definition.


    A three-part grouping describing node and edge objects in the Data Commons graph.

Meta Content Framework (MCF)

    A simple format used to represent graph data, used extensively in Data Commons due to its simple readability. For more     information, see the Data Commons guide to MCF.