Setting up access to the Data Commons API

Creating an API Key

Using the Data Commons API requires you to provision an API key on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Follow these steps to create your own key.

  1. Start by creating a GCP Project and enabling billing for that project.
  2. After creating your project, you can navigate to the GCP Console to create an API key.

    • Begin by navigating to APIs & Services > Credentials in the side bar or by clicking on this link.
    • Click Create Credentials then select API Key.

    Once you do this, you’ll be presented a key that you can copy to your clipboard.

Enable the Data Commons API

Additionally, you will need to enable the Data Commons API on GCP. To enable the API, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the datacommons-users Google Group. Please join the group with the same Google account used to create the GCP project.
  2. Navigate to the Data Commons API in the Google APIs Console.
  3. Click the Enable button and wait for the process to complete.