Sets the API key

datacommons.flatten_frame(pd_frame, cols=[])

Expands each cell in a Pandas DataFrame containing a list of values.


  • api_key (str) - The API key.
  • pd_frame (pandas.DataFrame) - The Pandas DataFrame.
  • cols (list of str, optional) - A list of columns to flatten. If none are provided, then all columns are flattened.


A pandas.DataFrame with all columns containing lists flattened.


  • ValueError - If a given coluumn is not in the data frame.


We can flatten a data frame with a column of lists like so:

>>> frame = pd.DataFrame({"state": ["geoId/06"]})
>>> frame['county'] = dc.get_places_in(dcids, "County")
>>> frame
      state                                             county
0  geoId/06  [geoId/06041, geoId/06089, geoId/06015, geoId/...
>>> dc.flatten_frame(frame)
       state       county
0   geoId/06  geoId/06041
1   geoId/06  geoId/06089
2   geoId/06  geoId/06015
..       ...          ...
55  geoId/06  geoId/06019
56  geoId/06  geoId/06031
57  geoId/06  geoId/06099